Character Description Pokemon
"Winners may have come and gone, but I will carry on."

A new Trainer from Canalave City, Reign's a mediator who prefers to not get on anyone's bad side. His sights are set on the high-class, invitation-only Battle Frontier. To get there, he'll need to prove himself and gather attention by winning at Gyms!
"Hey, that sounds like it could be fun!"

Alexis is from Phenac City in the faraway Orre region. As Orre has almost no wild Pokemon, she has come to Sinnoh for her journey instead. A friendly tomboy with a girly streak, she prefers Contests to Gyms though is always ready for a good battle.
"So ya wanna be a hero, kid?"

Dereck is a veteran trainer and an old friend of Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier. Wanting a cushy, well-paying job scouting out Trainers for the Frontier, Scott has made Dereck a deal: If he can find a Trainer good enough to beat the Frontier Brains, Dereck will get the gig.
"I can't believe I'm seeing this with my own eyes!"

A strange, eccentric man from the Johto region, Eusine says he is researching myths and legends though others would simply call him a problem-causing treasure hunter. Despite his eccentricities Eusine is a knowledgeable person and the world expert on Legendary Pokemon.
Professor Rowan
"You truly love Pokemon, do you?"

The Sinnoh region's local Pokemon Professor and an expert in the field of Pokemon evolution. Though he comes across as gruff and imposing, Rowan is welcome to all friends of Pokemon and will aid anyone who comes to Sandgem Town in need of help.
"Battling ruffians have no place in the world of Contests!"

A Coordinator from Sunyshore City who has made a name for himself as a rising star in Pokemon Contests. Dominic believes that Trainers and Coordinators should remain entirely separate, and does not condone battling.